1st Day of School- 4 Year Old Class

This week was back to school week for Blake. On Monday we went to open house/meet the teacher whatever you want to call it. Then school actually started on Wednesday. He will go three days a week this year. Technically speaking he is old enough to go to public school Pre-K this year, but we decided that the four year old program at the same school he attended last year was the right place for him.DSCF6631

On Monday while I filled out paper work Blake was given a journal to decorate. They use this journal everyday when they get into class to draw a picture and practice their handwriting. Anyway he was supposed to put stickers randomly all over the front of it. He just sat there and refused (in a calm quiet way) to put any stickers on his journal because the teacher didn’t give him any letter B stickers. I tried to convince him that he didn’t have to put his name but just put stickers and if you know our boy you know he wasn’t having that! I got him a different sheet that had a B on it so that he could decorate his journal. He used a few letters from both sheets to put his name on it! He really wanted to do Swindell but I told him he had to save letters for the other kids because he already used two sheets and all the other kids only got to use one. He also requested that I take the extra “I” off but I insisted it would be fine. His journal cover is simply his name and one extra letter while all the other kids journals are covered with random letters. To me this says a lot about his personality!

This year is going to be so much fun for him and his teachers seem to be just as excited as the kids are. They sent home “homework” for us to complete and a special night before school book with “magic glitter” in it. It made Blake so excited about the first day and he also enjoyed doing his homework! I think his “Owl” about me turned out pretty cute! His favorites sheet was fun too!

DSCF6613IMG_0714If you ask Blake you can’t have an “about me” poster without including your best friend. I couldn’t agree more!

Wednesday was the actual first day of school so we have our obligatory first day of school pictures!


We couldn’t let the day get started without getting a picture of these two best friends! When Ian came into the classroom Blake kept saying “Ian, Ian over here!” He pulled out the chair next to him and said, “Ian I got a seat for you, sit here!”


He had a great first day of school. When I asked him to tell me about his day he didn’t really offer up much information. I went with my normal method of questioning that forces an answer other than nothing. What was your favorite thing you did at school today? What was your least favorite or what was something you didn’t like very much? He finally told me that his favorite thing was playing outside two times and he didn’t really like writing in his journal that much. I was so curious about his day I ended up breaking down the day into parts to ask questions. I couldn’t help wanting to know what my boy was up to all day! Turns out he had a really great day and I think he is going to love the school year!

Tuesday while we were out grabbing the last few things we needed before school started I asked Blake if he thought we should do something for his teachers as a welcome back to school. He said “yeah lets get them a card that says, good luck teaching us this year” I laughed because he was so proud of his idea and he had good intentions even if it did seem like he was saying “good luck because we are going to be difficult!” I did a quick Pinterest search to save the day and found this idea. I loved it and the teachers did too. I mean who doesn’t love sharpies.DSCF6622

Today Blake is at school and I can’t help but wonder what they are doing at various points throughout the day. I’m sure they are probably eating lunch right now or getting ready to. I can’t wait to see how his day went today especially since when I dropped him off this morning he informed me that he just loves to be cranky sometimes and today he is cranky! Haha love that boy of ours!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and that you have a great weekend!

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