A Difficult Journey: Infertility- Last Update


This isn’t going to be my last update on our journey but it will be my last update for a while. We decided a long time ago that we would share until we were ready to stop. Now we are ready to stop. If the IUI does work we will stick to the plan of not telling anyone until we are completely ready, you know the typical 12 weeks or out of the first trimester! 😉

I do want to share that my appointment went well today. Things are looking to be right on track for the IUI to take place anytime. I am filled with so much hope and excitement about this entire situation. I appreciate all the prayers, positive thoughts, love and energy everyone is sending our way! I just know that good things are coming for us!

I did get some great advice today and as soon as I’m finished being on a high of excitement I am going to start training my brain to focus this way. “The easiest way to emotionally deal with the stress is to expect it to not work. That way when it does you are pleasantly surprised and not super disappointed.” I know this is the easiest way to deal especially since it came from a friend who has been in this situation before. I’m going to enjoy the excitement but also know that the possibility of it not working are real. There is an emotional balance that has to be kept while battling infertility. It is possible to face reality and not give up hope. I do it daily!

I’m anxious to share more of this journey with you when we get to a place that we are ready. Until then I am going to keep a journal of the remainder of the process and share it when I’m ready!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding of our need to keep this between just us for the remainder of time.

Love you all!

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