Endometriosis Treatment: Lupron- Injection #5

I had my 5th Lupron injection three weeks ago. That means that next week is my final injection! Since I’m so close to completing my injections and I realized that I never shared with everyone how my last appointment went I need to share because you know what everything is going to get better from here! Let’s go back to three weeks ago when I was at the doctors office.

The PA asked how I was feeling today and it took me a minute to realize she was in fact talking to me. My answer was just a huge sigh. So here is basically the rest of the conversation.

PA- are you tired of it yet?

Me- so over this.

PA- That’s most my girls reaction at this point. You are at the point that everything is tough.

M-yeah. I’m just ready to feel normal again and not feel like I’m going to strangle anyone. I’m tired, more like exhausted and cranky all the time. Nothing seems to be helping my exhaustion.

PA- sounds about right. Night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, lack of sleep?

M- Yes, yes, no not really, yes!

PA- Do you think your exhaustion is mostly from the lack of sleep? Are you taking your sleep aid?

Okay you get the point now right? All this madness is happening to everyone else who is taking Lupron too! You know what though, I’m dealing with it. I’m taking my mom breaks when things get tough, I’m exercising (when I’m not hurting myself with clumsiness) and I’m keeping my mouth shut so I don’t bite anyones head off.

I forgot until today how much injection days can kick my ass. I had mega hot flashes about an hour after my appointment. Then about 3 hours later the worst headache of my life set in. I drank a coke and took 1 benadryl plus pain aid. It helped lighten the ache but I’m still not feeling the best. I’m using this downtime to think and reflect a little.

I’m so glad that I have an end to this. There are so many people dealing with health issues or other things that don’t have an end date. My particular end date is the end of July. I mean thats only 60 short days away. I’ve got this! I’m pretty stuck on the fact that there is an end in sight. It helps a lot to know that the headaches, hot flashes, night sweats and lack of sleep will go away and that come the first part (to mid) August I’ll feel like a new person. Take that endometriosis and Lupron! I’ve also got a pretty great support group that makes it a lot easier.

Here is my time line as of right now-

6th Injection- end of June

Post Lurpon-

Pelvic Exam- end of July

Get my estrogen back- end of July. We can just go ahead and start thinking of this as when I get my groove back! 😉

Now come back to today with me. I am having hot flashes like crazy today. I’m sure my body is starting to get ready to go into a withdrawal stage which happens every month before I get my shot. I’m feeling anxious about what they will find during my pelvic and about what comes next for us but mostly I’m so excited to finally get to say “see ya never” to the Lupron. (Hopefully this will be see ya never!) As long as everything looks good during my pelvic we will be able to start trying as soon as my body starts cycling again! I’m so close to being finished and I survived! Whatever your struggle is you can survive too!

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