Endometriosis Treatment: Lupron- Injection #6

It is July! Wow that means big fun things for us! Family vacation as well as being able to officially call my Lupron treatment complete.

Last week I got my last Lupron injection! It was a day for celebrating. Everyone in the office was excited for me so I instantly became more excited for myself! Another patient even congratulated me and we talked while waiting. She had already gone through the Lupron treatment and was there to get a blood draw for her IVF. It is amazing how easy it is to relate to someone when you know they know your struggle. She offered me some great tips to deal with my last month and all the added vitamins! Hello ginger chews I need to fine some that I actually like. 🙂 My shot was painless as usual. Then I had a celebratory dance party by myself in the car on my way home after my appointment.

Although I am not finished with my treatment because the medication needs to do its thing in my body for a few more weeks I don’t have any more coming! I was a little nervous this appointment because the next step is a pelvic to make sure it worked. I just can’t shake the thought that it might not have worked. I am looking forward to my next appointment since some more solid results will be given. Another bonus to my appointment is that I get to go back in 3 weeks instead of 4! Yes that’s right I have 15 more days before I get to start my estrogen. I wasn’t really sure how I would be getting my estrogen back but I found out that it is through birth control. I was a little bummed about it at first but they know what they are doing. Birth control for 2 months then we should be able to start trying on our own! So by mid September we should be set.

In 15 days when I go to the doctor for my pelvic and get my birth control Andrew will also have a semen analysis done. Andrews part isn’t necessary but we are going to have it done again, just to make sure that the results we received from the last one (September 2014) were not something of concern. Most people don’t know that his test results were what sent us to a fertility clinic to begin with. The more we read about his results and talked to my new doctor about them we realized that all doctors interpret them a little differently. My doctor said his results were not far enough off to be of concern. He did suggest that Andrew get tested one more time at some point during my treatment to make sure everything looks good. I want to have it done to make sure we aren’t dealing with a double problem! I really feel like it is better to know everything we are dealing with after this long of a battle. Really hoping that everything comes back normal for both of us at this appointment!

I’m trying to focus on enjoying myself and know that relief from all these crazy symptoms is just around the corner instead of letting the hard part come to mind. I am so ready to enjoy life like I thought I would be at the age of 30! If you have ever tried, I mean really tried, to get pregnant  then you know how stressful it can be. I’m not going to get into that today though because I am trying to focus on the positive! Maybe, just maybe we will find out around my 31st birthday that we are going to welcome a baby. If we do I won’t tell anyone for a while. Just so you know. 😉

I’m feeling good and positive and wishing you all a happy hump day!

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