Christmas Tradition- Elf on the Shelf

As we gear up for this holiday season I decided to share a few of our family traditions with you. I’ll start with a new one that isn’t my favorite but it is so much for Blake.

We jumped on the Elf on the Shelf train when Blake was a baby = we bought him one and set it out as a Christmas decoration until he was old enough to understand. Last year we started with the Elf on the Shelf.

We kept up with it for the entire season even if it was moving it early in the morning before Blake woke up. We did put thought into placement and notes but it quickly became a daunting task. I was over it by day 2. I tried to take a picture of all the fun places we placed our elf just to document our attempt with the elf. Andrew and I were both hopeful that this year we wouldn’t be bringing “Elfie” down from the attic but Blake has already been asking when he is coming back. He has also decided that his name is not going to be “Elfie” anymore. The new name is so much better!

I did come up with a few guidelines for our elf on the shelf shenanigans.

  • No big messes that I’ll have to clean up
  • No spending extra money for elf surprises
  • Blake can touch the elf if he is down within his reach
  • Don’t make this bigger than it is
  • We don’t have to stick to the “rules” from the book

Here are a few shots of “Elfie’s” shenanigans from last year.

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As you can see “Elfie” became friends with all the snowmen and mostly just found himself sitting around random places throughout our house.

This year it will be very similar. Blake loves it so I’m willing to do this little thing that will bring a smile to his face. As much of a pain as the elf on the shelf can be it is fun to watch his excitement everyday as he hunts for his elf friend. I’m sure this year he will be found with legos and star wars toys more than once!

I can’t wait to share more of our family traditions with you as we near the holiday season. I’d love to hear about your traditions as well.



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