Our First Season of Soccer


Sometimes things don’t work out the way I plan them in my head. Okay most of the time things don’t work out the way I plan them in my head. Soccer this year was just one of the many things in life that fall in that category. My plan was that we would play t-ball in the spring and soccer in the fall. I had a total mom fail and missed all opportunity to play t-ball this spring so we signed up for soccer instead.

I wasn’t very happy about it at all but I also couldn’t break my boys heart. He was looking forward to playing a sport so I signed him up for soccer. If you know me then you know that I know nothing about soccer (if you are new welcome and know that I am a softball/baseball junkie) and only went to soccer games because one of my best friends played in high school and college. I went to support her! Anyway I signed up to be a team parent and somehow got talked into coaching. I agreed to help coach as long as someone else who knew what they were doing was mostly running the show. My analysis of my coaching = running up and down the field shouting whatever the other coach was shouting! Mostly saying turn it around, stop it, turn it around, and great job! All the credit goes to the kids who already had some soccer skills and our real coach for her knowledge of the sport!

The season seemed to fly by. It felt like we went to our first practice then it was time for the last game (which we had to miss). Soccer turned out to be one of the most funny things ever. There were always 8-10 kids on the field all running toward the ball and having a blast. My competitive nature came out after the first game and I was hooked! We will play soccer again but I’m not coaching!

We only took our good camera to the first game so here are some fun pictures that Andrew captured!
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Are you a soccer family or do you enjoy another sport? We had fun with soccer but I am really looking forward to t-ball starting in a few weeks!


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