Endometriosis Treatment: Lupron- Injection #6

It is July! Wow that means big fun things for us! Family vacation as well as being able to officially call my Lupron treatment complete.

Last week I got my last Lupron injection! It was a day for celebrating. Everyone in the office was excited for me so I instantly became more excited for myself! Another patient even congratulated me and we talked while waiting. She had already gone through the Lupron treatment and was there to get a blood draw for her IVF. It is amazing how easy it is to relate to someone when you know they know your struggle. She offered me some great tips to deal with my last month and all the added vitamins! Hello ginger chews I need to fine some that I actually like. 🙂 My shot was painless as usual. Then I had a celebratory dance party by myself in the car on my way home after my appointment.

Although I am not finished with my treatment because the medication needs to do its thing in my body for a few more weeks I don’t have any more coming! I was a little nervous this appointment because the next step is a pelvic to make sure it worked. I just can’t shake the thought that it might not have worked. I am looking forward to my next appointment since some more solid results will be given. Another bonus to my appointment is that I get to go back in 3 weeks instead of 4! Yes that’s right I have 15 more days before I get to start my estrogen. I wasn’t really sure how I would be getting my estrogen back but I found out that it is through birth control. I was a little bummed about it at first but they know what they are doing. Birth control for 2 months then we should be able to start trying on our own! So by mid September we should be set.

In 15 days when I go to the doctor for my pelvic and get my birth control Andrew will also have a semen analysis done. Andrews part isn’t necessary but we are going to have it done again, just to make sure that the results we received from the last one (September 2014) were not something of concern. Most people don’t know that his test results were what sent us to a fertility clinic to begin with. The more we read about his results and talked to my new doctor about them we realized that all doctors interpret them a little differently. My doctor said his results were not far enough off to be of concern. He did suggest that Andrew get tested one more time at some point during my treatment to make sure everything looks good. I want to have it done to make sure we aren’t dealing with a double problem! I really feel like it is better to know everything we are dealing with after this long of a battle. Really hoping that everything comes back normal for both of us at this appointment!

I’m trying to focus on enjoying myself and know that relief from all these crazy symptoms is just around the corner instead of letting the hard part come to mind. I am so ready to enjoy life like I thought I would be at the age of 30! If you have ever tried, I mean really tried, to get pregnant  then you know how stressful it can be. I’m not going to get into that today though because I am trying to focus on the positive! Maybe, just maybe we will find out around my 31st birthday that we are going to welcome a baby. If we do I won’t tell anyone for a while. Just so you know. 😉

I’m feeling good and positive and wishing you all a happy hump day!

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Weekend Adventures #1

As soon as school let out for summer Blake and I made a list of all the things he wanted to do. A summer bucket list basically. We have been slowly checking things off of that list. A week or so ago the list was destroyed when he spilled a cup of water on it and didn’t tell us. I’m having to use my really terrible memory to remember what all was on that long list. Anyway the reason I bring it up is that we started our weekend (which for us begins on Friday as soon as Andrew gets home from work) with a summer list item. We went and played putt-putt for the first time! Blakes first time, not ours!

There is a putt-putt golf course not far from our house and we lucked out with an incredibly nice summer evening.

     It was pretty funny to watch him try to hit the ball up the incline on this hole. We eventually convinced him to just throw it up there!  I can’t think of a single minute during our round of putt-putt that Blake wasn’t laughing, smiling or showing any other sign of pure enjoyment! Except for maybe here when Andrew as teaching him the etiquette of putt-putt.

 The lip out is clearly not sadness though because look at that those eyes!

I was able to get my weekend run in on Saturday before Blake’s 10:30am t-ball game. We even made it to the farmers market and to get a kolache before his game! Blake took this picture from Andrews shoulders as we walked the farmers market.

After his game my parents took Blake to our house and Andrew and I went a few places. I actually got to go into the liquor store instead of staying in the car!!! Seriously that is a luxury. Once we were stocked up on beer we had lunch then headed to a friends house to swim for the remainder of the day.

Blake was all over the pool in his puddle jumper, the canoe and then swam his little heart out in the shallow end like a big kid! Maybe all those swim lessons are working after all! In the picture above he was basically in the deep end and I was nervously insisting that Andrew walk around the outside of the pool to save him if he fell in!

Sunday I was exhausted. We went shopping for house things and for fun things. We ended up getting tile for our kitchen, guest bathroom and laundry room. Big decision easily made, it only took us about 4 months. We got a lot of clothes for Blake at the Gap and a few things for me. We went to the Disney store for a Star Wars cup and Blake wanted the Darth Vader costume SO bad. I ended up taking him to another store while Andrew snuck back to buy it. It was majorly on sale and we couldn’t pass it up. Don’t tell Blake though it’s a secret!


 The Red Sox hat is because his t-ball team is the Red Sox simply that. 😉 Before we called it a night I did the yard work, okay I only mowed. I planned my slimdown meals for the week, showered then we loaded up to go watch the Rockets over Rhema fireworks. We pulled into the parking lot to watch the fireworks just as the show started. Blake cheering from the backseat “my list my list this was on my summer list! Watching fireworks!” Cue cutness heart explosion! 💗 When we finally made it home at 10:45pm we were all ready for bed! The good thing was Blake slept in really well this morning!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Our was relaxing and mostly productive. Don’t forget to enter my cookbook giveaway here, it ends Thursday!


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Friday Giveaway- OSG Cookbook

I have been wanting to do a giveaway for a long time to show my appreciation for everyone who reads my blog and so that I can share something I love with other people. I decided to give away my favorite cookbook! We have given this cookbook as a gift to many family members and I always recommend it when people ask me about my favorite meat free cookbook.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook By Angela Liddon

A few years ago when Andrew and I went mostly vegan I turned to ohsheglows.com for help. I looked at so many different websites to find recipes and tried a ton of them but I found myself returning to Oh She Glows (OSG). I have mentioned her website and cookbook many times before. Why the cookbook though? Simple really the recipes are so good and she doesn’t share all of them on her blog!

There are multiple things that make this my go to cookbook. The recipes call for pretty typical ingredients. I can find everything I need at sprouts or whole foods which is where I do my grocery shopping anyway. I can feed my non-vegan friends these meals without hesitation. The recipes are simple to follow.  She tells you how many people it will serve and exactly how long it will take to make prep time and cook time. I’m no kitchen expert but I feel confident making everything in this book. This cookbook is easily the most used and worn out book in my house!

At the beginning Angela gives us a look into her natural foods pantry. She talks in detail about every item she selected for her pantry when she made the transition into vegan eating. She also gives a list of all her favorite kitchen appliances that make life easier. This cookbook is a great start if you are eliminating meat from you diet or if you are just looking to include more meat free meal options.

A grocery haul for a week of delicious veggie packed eating.

From breakfast to dinner and every meal in between The Oh She Glows Cookbook aways hits the spot. With over 100 recipes it will please any palate including the non vegan crowd. I love to pull a recipe from this book when we have guest over who “have” to have meat. Guess what, they never miss it when I make something from this book!

I have made around 50 of the recipes in the book. Since it would take me days to share everything I’ve made I picked my top 3 to tell you about.

The Classic Green Monster Smoothie pg. 57

Glowing Strawberry-Mango Guacamole pg. 81

Long Weekend Grilled Salad pg. 115

I start almost every day (especially lately) with the classic green monster smoothie. I alternate kale and spinach depending on which one I have at home. A little tip for green smoothies offered in the book is  to go for baby spinach in the beginning then branch out to kale and other greens. I put my favorite protein powder in it if I worked out before drinking it. When I share it with Blake we add blueberries and leave out the extra protein. He likes that it changes to purple instead of green. Andrew even likes it and I can never get him to drink a green smoothie. The combination of almond milk, banana, kale/spinach, chia seeds, almond butter/peanut butter, vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon provide a smooth energy packed morning pick me up! I am very sure that you can find this particular recipe on her blog as well but it is easily my favorite smoothie ever.

This is a variation of the Green Monster Smoothie. This one is the Tropical Green Monster.

This is a variation of the Green Monster Smoothie. This one is the Tropical Green Monster.

The glowing strawberry-mango guacamole is one of my favorite summer time appetizers. Every time I make this it never lasts very long. I love taking it to cookouts or making it when friends come over. This fruity guacamole is a summer time must around our house. I just love how colorful and pretty it is along with the gotta have more taste. Mango, strawberry, cilantro, red onion, lime juice, and avocado on a tortilla chip create a texture party in your mouth. Yum! You can see a picture I took of it here.

A salad that I find myself wanting often is the long weekend grilled salad. I’m not really sure why she named it that but I’ll go with it. I like to make this during a busy week because it really is just throwing the veggies on the grill, chopping them and eat! This one is also good the next day or the day after! The dressing is oil, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, a liquid sweetener, and salt whisked together. It is an excellent light dressing to top this salad and any other one really. To give this salad more protein I have added black beans and more recently chicken which makes it non vegan but it is still packed with veggies! I just made this last week and will probably make it again next week.

Long weekend grilled salad with black beans for protein

You can find more photos (like the one below) of the recipes I have made on my Instagram account. Sorry my picture quality isn’t the best I’m still working on the art of photographing food!

Our favorite veggie burger (p.155) and creamy avocado-potato salad (p.107)

Our favorite veggie burger (p.155) and creamy avocado-potato salad (p.107)

Enter to win this cookbook below, ends July 2nd.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


**This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Oh She Glows. I just love her recipes and want to share one of my favorite things with all of you. The amazon link is an affiliate link.

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Weekend Recap

What an incredible weekend! T-ball, father’s day, official beginning of summer and family time. Our weekend was packed full of fun and I’m exhausted. I am pretty sure we all are. My boys ended the weekend by watching Star Wars Episode VI!

 We kicked off our weekend on Friday with some family game time. We played Uno Moo or Barnyard Uno as I call it, with Blake. We played multiple rounds until we taught him that the skunk skips the next player. He kept cheating and pulling the skunk back out of the barn and playing it over and over! Then he would pretend to spray you with the skunk! 🙂 I decided to pull out an old/new game to distract him from the skunk spraying and incorrect game playing. I pulled out a game we’ve had for a while but just never played. It is called Qwirkle. It says ages 6+ but i thought it might be simple enough for Blake by looking at the box. I was WRONG but Andrew and I really enjoyed it. We actually got so involved in our game that we didn’t stop when his mom go to our house to hang out. (Sorry Jamie!) When we finally finished out game we went to dinner at a place called The Tropical. It was so good it deserves its own post! (Be on the lookout for it soon!) After dinner while Jamie put Blake to bed Andrew and I played another round of Qwirkle! I’m telling you its fun.

 (Does your child love for their grandparents to put them to bed when they are staying over? Blake won’t even consider us putting him to bed if he has a grandparent around. I appreciate the break.)

Saturday morning I woke up and convinced myself to go for a run. It may have taken me about 30-45 minutes but I did go. I was actually able to run 3 miles which was huge for me since I’ve been in a running rut. Lately I have been feeling like I hit a wall when I get to 2 miles, I physically cannot run any further. I finally had a break through though! My body hurt everywhere but I made it! By the time I got cleaned up from my run my parents had made it to town. They came so we could celebrate fathers day with dad and to watch Blake play t-ball. This was his second game of the season but last weekend wasn’t a good weekend for anyone to come. It made it more exciting for Blake this weekend though because he had his Grandma, Meme and Papa there! All six (Grandma, Meme, Papa, Andrew, Blake and I) of us loaded up in our car to head to the game. I love watching Blake play ball! It is funny to watch them all tackle each other even when the coach says over and over again not to. Our game was at 11:30 and it was hot! The kids all did great though! Blake’s best friends mom (and my friend) caught this adorable picture of the two cuties before the game started! Thanks Stephanie for sharing!

 An 11:30 game that ends at 12:30 means lunch right after! We went to Savastano’s Pizza because one it is good and two Jamie had never been. We ordered two deep dish pizzas so it took a while to get our food but we had a great time visiting. When we finally left the restaurant we had tons of left overs and full bellies. On our drive home Andrew pulled into a neighborhood that had a few open houses and we all got out to look at them. The realtor team showing the houses were really great and put up with our wildness. Now that I think of it we should have taken a picture. Oh well, next time! When we finally got back home mom, dad, Andrew and I played Qwirkle and Blake told everyone what pieces the other players had and pretended to be our coach, whistle and all! He did take a few turns at the game, he’s learning some parts of it already. We played outside and had a few beers with dad, no Blake didn’t have any! We talked new hosue goals and plans while Blake swam in his little pool in the backyard. We finally convinced him to go in the house when dad went inside to get a drink. We told Blake that papa said it was time for air conditioning! The boys watched some golf while mom and I played Qwirkle. Before we knew it mom and dad needed to get on the road to head back home. Not before snapping a couple of pictures though! The day went by so fast.



Dad and I.


Dad, Blake and I.





That brings us to today. I woke up entirely too early to find Andrew already awake. I gave him a sleepy Happy Father’s Day/good morning greeting. We chatted about plans for the day then I jumped up to mow the front yard. Of course Blake was up and ready to watch tv, play a game or just do something, his words not mine! Then he said “mom is it happy fathers day now?” When I told him yes he jumped on Andrew in the bed and yelled with so much excitement “Happy Fathers Day Daddy I love you!” Seriously our boy has the best heart. I left my boys so I could get the yard mowed and a shower before it got to late. The yard was mowed all 3 of us showered and loaded up our neighbor Jan to go have coffee by 9:15! We often go to the Double Shot for coffee on Sunday mornings because it is Andrews favorite We don’t normally get there that early but I guess thats what happens when we wake up before 7 on a Sunday.

 Post coffee/breakfast Andrew, Blake and I went on our own parade of homes tour. (It was the last weekend for the parade of homes in Tulsa.) We probably looked at 10-12 houses today.

 We were shopping more for a builder than to buy an actual house. We found 2 houses that we loved before we took a dinner break. After our dinner and ice cream break we looked at a few more and found another one. I’d say the parade of homes was success for us. We were able to weed out a few builders and create a short list of potential builders. We went into every house with our focus on the quality of workmanship. It’s amazing how different house hunting is when you make that the focus. Not that flow, functionality and our checklist weren’t kept in mind because they were BUT quality workmanship was our mission! There was a point at one house that were actually talking ourselves out of making an offer on the spot! 🙂 The time isn’t quite right though. We need to add a few more ducks to our row before we make the commitment! Now, we are tired. We have given Cooper a few extra ear scratches and belly rubs because today is his 3rd birthday.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband. I couldn’t have found a better friend, role model, hero and daddy to raise children with. Blake and I are so thankful to have you. I love watching him become more and more like you everyday! We love you!

Also happy first official day of summer! Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses while you are out soaking up some vitamin D!


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Endometriosis Treatment: Lupron- Injection #5

I had my 5th Lupron injection three weeks ago. That means that next week is my final injection! Since I’m so close to completing my injections and I realized that I never shared with everyone how my last appointment went I need to share because you know what everything is going to get better from here! Let’s go back to three weeks ago when I was at the doctors office.

The PA asked how I was feeling today and it took me a minute to realize she was in fact talking to me. My answer was just a huge sigh. So here is basically the rest of the conversation.

PA- are you tired of it yet?

Me- so over this.

PA- That’s most my girls reaction at this point. You are at the point that everything is tough.

M-yeah. I’m just ready to feel normal again and not feel like I’m going to strangle anyone. I’m tired, more like exhausted and cranky all the time. Nothing seems to be helping my exhaustion.

PA- sounds about right. Night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, lack of sleep?

M- Yes, yes, no not really, yes!

PA- Do you think your exhaustion is mostly from the lack of sleep? Are you taking your sleep aid?

Okay you get the point now right? All this madness is happening to everyone else who is taking Lupron too! You know what though, I’m dealing with it. I’m taking my mom breaks when things get tough, I’m exercising (when I’m not hurting myself with clumsiness) and I’m keeping my mouth shut so I don’t bite anyones head off.

I forgot until today how much injection days can kick my ass. I had mega hot flashes about an hour after my appointment. Then about 3 hours later the worst headache of my life set in. I drank a coke and took 1 benadryl plus pain aid. It helped lighten the ache but I’m still not feeling the best. I’m using this downtime to think and reflect a little.

I’m so glad that I have an end to this. There are so many people dealing with health issues or other things that don’t have an end date. My particular end date is the end of July. I mean thats only 60 short days away. I’ve got this! I’m pretty stuck on the fact that there is an end in sight. It helps a lot to know that the headaches, hot flashes, night sweats and lack of sleep will go away and that come the first part (to mid) August I’ll feel like a new person. Take that endometriosis and Lupron! I’ve also got a pretty great support group that makes it a lot easier.

Here is my time line as of right now-

6th Injection- end of June

Post Lurpon-

Pelvic Exam- end of July

Get my estrogen back- end of July. We can just go ahead and start thinking of this as when I get my groove back! 😉

Now come back to today with me. I am having hot flashes like crazy today. I’m sure my body is starting to get ready to go into a withdrawal stage which happens every month before I get my shot. I’m feeling anxious about what they will find during my pelvic and about what comes next for us but mostly I’m so excited to finally get to say “see ya never” to the Lupron. (Hopefully this will be see ya never!) As long as everything looks good during my pelvic we will be able to start trying as soon as my body starts cycling again! I’m so close to being finished and I survived! Whatever your struggle is you can survive too!

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Welcome to my new blog home!

I realized only yesterday that I have been blogging for a full year now! Technically a year and a month 🙂 I have been so scared to invest in myself and take this leap but I am so excited to have a blog to truly call my own. I am thankful for the support and encouragement from my husband who has invested in me, and made this dream into a reality!

Thank you to everyone who has worked so patiently with me on this, offered advice and prayed for me during the process.

Make sure you bookmark my new page and stay tuned for more fun!


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A Difficult Journey- Infertility: When it Really Started

Proof that I can’t resist the yummy sweets lately.

As I sit here in the car letting my precious boy sleep I can’t help but think about what today marks for me on this journey of infertility. Two years ago today I stopped taking my birth control so we could start trying to have another baby. I’ll never forget the day because it is also my brothers wedding day. I honestly didn’t stop taking it until that date for two very selfish reasons. Here they are 1. I didn’t want to be fat, even if it was pregnant not actually fat, in any of the pictures and 2. I wanted to be able to drink. Looking back now those reasons are the stupidest reasons ever! I mean seriously am I that vain? I guess sometimes I can be. 

Now though, now, I can’t believe it was two years ago that we were unknowingly starting this difficult journey. I thought we would have a baby in about a year and our family would be complete. While it is sad, painful and so many other things, a flood of emotions really I am also happy and optimistic about what the future holds for our family. It has taken me a while to get to this point but I’m here!

I have 60 days left on Lupron. I am so close to completing my 6 months of treatment. That’s something to jump up and down and celebrate about! You know what I just might do that, jump up and down to celebrate because it will take my mind off how tough this journey really has been.

I feel like I need a plan for the next 60 days and you know what? I’ve got one. I’ve got a summer schedule for Blake and I. I’ve got a trip planned hopefully planning another one too. Most importantly I’ve got my mind in the right place. It’s easy to sit around and cry and be sad but that’s not going to work for me. I mean I wouldn’t mind doing that today since I feel a little sappy but I cried a little while writing this and that is enough. I let the tears fall when necessary but my mind is not set on the negative. My mind is set on the positive. I’m trying to keep my focus on right now and take it day by day. I’ve set a workout schedule for myself and a meal plan focus. (If I could just stay away from all the sweets. Ugh) I’m working on me and getting back to where I feel comfortable in my skin. My goal here = toned and tightened!  I’m also working on something special for The Swin Life. I can’t wait to share it. (Insert school girl excitement here!) I’m filling my plate but being very careful not to overload it. I think I’ve got the perfect amount to keep me busy and let my mind wander to the future a little but also keep me centered here and now. 

Before I leave I’ll just share a few of the mind wandering thoughts I have. After all it is easier to accept them and not completely ignore them. Are you ready for this…How long is it going to take us to get pregnant? Are we going to be able to get pregnant? Miscarriage probability? What’s life going to be like with a 5ish year old and a baby? How do I keep from relying on Blake as a major helper and allow him to continue to be a kid? Is the pre mentioned even going to be an issue? Will we have a boy or girl? Is trying going to take us back to the vicious cycle we were in before we found out about the endometriosis? Can I even handle being a mom of two? Am I crazy for even going through this process? (The answer to that is NO. We have a how far is too far and how much is too much. We aren’t there!) {I asked if you were ready for it and I bet you weren’t unless you’ve been in this situation.} Then I keep telling myself one step at a time. Be patient, be positive, be encouraging and stop rushing this! I know my body needs time and time is what I will continue to give it.

Ahh so what I’m super excited about is the new blog and new look coming for The Swin Life! You guys I’m telling you it’s so perfectly me! My apologies for being so absent over the last month or more. May really took me for a ride and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m ready for June though! It will be better.

Sending you all some positivity and courage!

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Our First Season of Soccer


Sometimes things don’t work out the way I plan them in my head. Okay most of the time things don’t work out the way I plan them in my head. Soccer this year was just one of the many things in life that fall in that category. My plan was that we would play t-ball in the spring and soccer in the fall. I had a total mom fail and missed all opportunity to play t-ball this spring so we signed up for soccer instead.

I wasn’t very happy about it at all but I also couldn’t break my boys heart. He was looking forward to playing a sport so I signed him up for soccer. If you know me then you know that I know nothing about soccer (if you are new welcome and know that I am a softball/baseball junkie) and only went to soccer games because one of my best friends played in high school and college. I went to support her! Anyway I signed up to be a team parent and somehow got talked into coaching. I agreed to help coach as long as someone else who knew what they were doing was mostly running the show. My analysis of my coaching = running up and down the field shouting whatever the other coach was shouting! Mostly saying turn it around, stop it, turn it around, and great job! All the credit goes to the kids who already had some soccer skills and our real coach for her knowledge of the sport!

The season seemed to fly by. It felt like we went to our first practice then it was time for the last game (which we had to miss). Soccer turned out to be one of the most funny things ever. There were always 8-10 kids on the field all running toward the ball and having a blast. My competitive nature came out after the first game and I was hooked! We will play soccer again but I’m not coaching!

We only took our good camera to the first game so here are some fun pictures that Andrew captured!
ABS_4066 - Version 2ABS_4093 - Version 2ABS_4070ABS_4069 - Version 2ABS_4094ABS_4079


Are you a soccer family or do you enjoy another sport? We had fun with soccer but I am really looking forward to t-ball starting in a few weeks!


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A Funk or A Rut

Lately I have been in a funk or a rut, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been struggling. I haven’t been able to sit down and write anything that is nice or even readable. I am barely accomplishing the things I need to as a mom and wife on a daily basis. I feel like a cloud is hovering over me. I’ve been cranky, in a bad mood, lacking patience and not wanting to be around anyone. I’ve tried to snap myself out of it but have been unsuccessful until recently. The cranky club was trying to recruit me but I don’t want to be a party of that club! 

I mean seriously how true is this. Things are complicated BUT I’m doing fine!

During my weeks of a super bad mood I came across this article titled “10 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Crap” I mean that was it I felt like crap. I read the article and suddenly something clicked. I had an ah ha moment. The statements that gave me that moment were #6 and #7 on the list. They said how can I be of service to this person, situation or circumstance and myself so that we feel buoyed, rather than weighed down and how can I create something meaningful for me and/or others out of this experience. I’m telling you it was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. All of a sudden I could see the light on this situation. 

Mood swings are one of the side effects of lupron so why was I feeling so bad about being in such a bad mood. It sucks to be in a bad mood or feel gloomy. I have never had to work so hard to be in a good mood. The mood swings I was (still am) having were so severe I had no idea what to do. I was snapping, being brutally honest (normally I try to stick to just honest), and avoiding people. Those things were not me. I mean I strive to be honest and want people to be that way with me in return but I am not mean. I truly felt like I was being mean. Not cool, not cool at all. I was trying to avoid people even by phone so that I wasn’t being mean. I felt like crap, there is no other way to put it. After reading the article I mentioned above I realized that I needed to share how I have been feeling and take my vitamins daily. I have been sharing my experience since being diagnosed with endometriosis so that other women going through the same thing know they are not alone. I am not sure why I was so hesitant about sharing about my moods. 

Now I am back to taking my vitamins daily, sometimes every other day but I’m taking them. They are helping but I also have to work on my mind set. I have to keep the negative thoughts out and focus on the positive. I can’t let the worry keep me down. That is hard but I know I can do it. I have done really well in the past so now should be no different! 

Here are my worries 

1) Is the Lupron actually working? 

2) Is 6 months on it going to be enough? 

3) How long is it going to take us to get pregnant when this is over? 

4) Am I ready for a second baby or should I just go back to work? 

I’m trying not to worry about these things but the last few weeks I can’t seem to keep the worry away. It wears a girl down. I keep telling myself that symptoms mean the lupron is working. My hot flashes, night sweats, foggy brain, other things I’ll spare my male readers from hearing, and mood swings tell me it is working. I just feel like I need proof at this point. Next week marks the halfway point and I’m getting anxious. I want some news or an updated report on my body but its not time for that yet. I know that I will get an update as soon as it is time. I will have a full physical exam when I am finished with the lupron or right before. I just need to be patient! Then there’s the whole how long is it going to take us to get pregnant question. I know that we will be able to start trying and possibly conceive as quick as 6 weeks after my last shot. I hope that it happens as quickly as possible! Thinking about it constantly doesn’t help anything. (When I do finally get pregnant I won’t be telling anyone for quite a while anyway. Even though I know it will be hard to keep a secret.) I just can’t get it out of my head recently and that could be because I have baby fever worse than I have since we starting trying to get pregnant almost two years ago!

A huge thank you to the people who have reached out to me lately. It was like you knew I needed to hear from you and I can’t think of the sweet messages you have sent without tears joy in my eyes. Thank you for unknowingly helping me get over this funk! It means SO much to me.

Cheers to better moods and knowing that I am stronger today than I was yesterday!

***Edit– As I was going to bed last night it hit me. It’s scary to admit that I’m having trouble controlling my emotions. That’s why it took me so long to share about my mood swings. I hate feeling like I am loosing control of my own body. Just trying reign in my emotions. Not letting fear hold me back.

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Endometriosis: Treatment- Lupron

If I said I wasn’t nervous or worried about taking Lupron to treat my endometriosis and adenomyosis I would be lying. Truth is I have been thinking about it all week. I have read lots of different things on the internet (never the best idea) and I have learned from people their personal experience with it. I just wanted to know what to expect because I had no clue what was coming my way other than I was going to stop ovulating. (and of course why I was going to stop and the reason it was necessary) I had never even heard of Lupron until I shared my endometriosis story.

In my research both from the internet and talking to people I came to one major conclusion- I am going into menopause at the age of 30. It makes me smile to think of it actually and even laugh at this point. Today my doctor said, “it will put you in a state of menopause. Everything that goes off kilter will go back once the medication is stopped.” I’m going to have to tell myself that every time a strange symptom AKA menopause symptom comes along. It will all go away when the treatment cycle is finished! I am still a little anxious to see what my symptoms will be, if any but feel confident that the list of Things you can do my doctor gave me will help keep them at bay. Since I go my first injection today I started on my list as soon as I left the office.

Here is the list I was given:

Exercise 20 minutes a day at a minimum *my favorite thing I was told today*

Take a multi vitamin daily

Take a calcium supplement with vitamin-D

Take vitimin B-6

Take fish oil

Take a fiber powder (helps bloating, gas and pain)

Drink more water

A special “cocktail” mixture for the headaches

It doesn’t seem like that much when I look at the picture of the bottles except that I’m used to taking one pill a day! My weekly pill case will help with that.

She also gave me a few other tips and tricks that will help Andrew and I both deal with the changes my body will go through as my estrogen level is depleted. It was so calming to listen to her tell me about the number of patients she has taking Lupron and how few of them have a terrible time with it. I mean even with that calming feeling how can I not be anxious about this medication completely changing my skin, hair, attitude, etc. I am positive that this is going to work and that I can handle whatever craziness it throws my way but I’m still anxious. I am excited too. Not about the menopause 🙂 but, that we are one day one step closer to being able to try to have another baby, to complete our family. Deep calming breaths and positive vibes are going on over here along with a small amount of anxiety. We can do this!

Another thing that is helping put my anxiety at ease is knowing that I can call the office for help anytime I think something crazy is happening. Oh and how closely they will monitor me while I am taking Lupron. I get an injection every four weeks. Each time I go in I will fill out a mood assessment, it is to make sure I’m not getting depressed and to monitor my mood swings. They are also sending me to have a bone density scan done. I go next week and that is just to make sure that I am not already compromised in the bone loss area since a menopausal state may lead to bone loss. Since my great grandmother has osteoporosis this is pretty important to me. They will also check my estrogen levels starting at the next injection to make sure it is doing its job. Knowing that my doctors are watching me closely and monitoring every detail of this treatment makes me feel so much better. I feel confident in their abilities, especially since they have been treating this as a team for as long as I’ve been alive! So, let’s do this!

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