Vacation- Minnesota Adventures Part 1

I finally got all my pictures from our trip uploaded over the weekend. Better late than never right!

Our vacation lasted from July 25th to August 6th. The first 3-4 days we spent in Chicago, you can read about that here. Then we went on to Minnesota. We arrived in Minnesota on July 29th in the afternoon and Andrew left August 2nd while Blake and I stayed an extra 4 days. Our trip to Minnesota was packed with so much fun that I had to split it into two post!

Anyway so when we got to Minnesota we went to my dads cousins house to stay. They put up with us stringing our junk all over their house for a full 7 days and we loved every minute of it. I mean really Blake wanted nothing to do with Andrew and I as soon as we got there. He was all about Uncle Tommy and Auntie Sheila! It made our vacation time that much more relaxing and enjoyable; Blake was comfortable like he was at home. He decided that he wanted to stay with them forever but I just couldn’t leave him there ūüėČ This picture is from the morning we left. (Yes everyone was super tired because we stayed up late and woke up super early!)¬†IMG_0283


We went to Minnesota for a wedding and we were way overdue for a visit. I hadn’t been in 13 or so years which meant Andrew had never been there with me. Obviously it was Blake’s first trip. Our week there looked like this…

  • Wednesday– relax, catching up with everyone and eating a home cooked meal!
  • Thursday– YMCA workout with some of the cousins for me, a day at Bunker Beach, then a huge family “reunion” dinner
  • Friday– another workout with cousins, Mall of America,¬†Wedding Fun
  • Saturday– family brunch, Twins Game
  • Sunday– Andrew left to work in Atlanta, Mall of America, family dinner.

I wish I would have taken a picture or two when we went to Bunker Beach. It wasn’t actually a beach but a water park. They had the coolest kid swimming area I have ever been to. They had a lazy river, wave pool and slides as well. Here is the link to see how neat the place was, the pictures do a good job of capturing the place and it looks that good in person! Blake was just a little to short to do anything except for the wave pool and kid area but Andrew and I got to go down the big slides a couple of times while Blake hung out with Tommy and Sheila!

We went to the Mall of America, or if you are from Minnesota the MOA, twice. We didn’t get to do enough shopping or ride the rides when we went Friday so another trip Sunday was necessary. Blake loved the Lego store there just like it was his first time to ever go to one. He got two new sets of legos and made his own¬†lego people. We ate at the Hard Rock when we went Friday which is why we didn’t get enough shopping in, that and because I wanted to go workout first. Any way I ended up getting a black summer dress, some jeans, and Blake a Vikings hat. Blake rode a few rides with Macky & Logan (our cousins) and his Papa and Uncle Tommy. Blake still says his favorite part about the mall were the Lego and Disney stores!¬†DSCF6312

The wedding we went to was for my dads cousin Shannon. It was a wedding that we were all proud to attend and so happy that it was finally possible. My great Aunt and Uncle were able to finally walk their daughter down the isle since same-sex marriages are now recognized as a legal marriage. I have to tell you the wedding was perfect! There were two people in love vowing to spend the rest of their lives taking care of one another, family, friends, dancing, drinks, and food. It was a night full of celebration for Shannon and Kris and I am so glad we were able to be there. Sidney (Shannon’s daughter) gave a wonderful speech. Macky (Shannon’s daughter) organized a dance with family and a few friends. They danced to Thriller and it was hilarious!

Blake got to be the guest DJ and he also passed out on the couch outside. He danced his little heart out all night right along with the rest of us. I hope you enjoy these shots from the wedding and reception. (Thank you¬†Sheila for letting me borrow some of your¬†pictures to add to this post!)11800361_960911117280501_5937925982503704028_n 11831640_960911227280490_8452119748343609154_nDSCF6321 DSCF6379 IMG_0183 IMG_0235I’m serious when I say that I have some beautiful women in my family. Just look at the picture above, it proves it!¬†This isn’t even all of them.

Saturday, which was the day after the wedding we had a huge family brunch then went to the Twins game. They won! We had 35 (+/- a few) family members there together. It was fun, I really wish we had a professional baseball team closer to us!IMG_0184 IMG_0186 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0205 IMG_0225


That concludes part 1 of our trip to Minnesota! Part 2 coming soon!


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