Weekend Adventures #1

As soon as school let out for summer Blake and I made a list of all the things he wanted to do. A summer bucket list basically. We have been slowly checking things off of that list. A week or so ago the list was destroyed when he spilled a cup of water on it and didn’t tell us. I’m having to use my really terrible memory to remember what all was on that long list. Anyway the reason I bring it up is that we started our weekend (which for us begins on Friday as soon as Andrew gets home from work) with a summer list item. We went and played putt-putt for the first time! Blakes first time, not ours!

There is a putt-putt golf course not far from our house and we lucked out with an incredibly nice summer evening.

     It was pretty funny to watch him try to hit the ball up the incline on this hole. We eventually convinced him to just throw it up there!  I can’t think of a single minute during our round of putt-putt that Blake wasn’t laughing, smiling or showing any other sign of pure enjoyment! Except for maybe here when Andrew as teaching him the etiquette of putt-putt.

 The lip out is clearly not sadness though because look at that those eyes!

I was able to get my weekend run in on Saturday before Blake’s 10:30am t-ball game. We even made it to the farmers market and to get a kolache before his game! Blake took this picture from Andrews shoulders as we walked the farmers market.

After his game my parents took Blake to our house and Andrew and I went a few places. I actually got to go into the liquor store instead of staying in the car!!! Seriously that is a luxury. Once we were stocked up on beer we had lunch then headed to a friends house to swim for the remainder of the day.

Blake was all over the pool in his puddle jumper, the canoe and then swam his little heart out in the shallow end like a big kid! Maybe all those swim lessons are working after all! In the picture above he was basically in the deep end and I was nervously insisting that Andrew walk around the outside of the pool to save him if he fell in!

Sunday I was exhausted. We went shopping for house things and for fun things. We ended up getting tile for our kitchen, guest bathroom and laundry room. Big decision easily made, it only took us about 4 months. We got a lot of clothes for Blake at the Gap and a few things for me. We went to the Disney store for a Star Wars cup and Blake wanted the Darth Vader costume SO bad. I ended up taking him to another store while Andrew snuck back to buy it. It was majorly on sale and we couldn’t pass it up. Don’t tell Blake though it’s a secret!


 The Red Sox hat is because his t-ball team is the Red Sox simply that. 😉 Before we called it a night I did the yard work, okay I only mowed. I planned my slimdown meals for the week, showered then we loaded up to go watch the Rockets over Rhema fireworks. We pulled into the parking lot to watch the fireworks just as the show started. Blake cheering from the backseat “my list my list this was on my summer list! Watching fireworks!” Cue cutness heart explosion! 💗 When we finally made it home at 10:45pm we were all ready for bed! The good thing was Blake slept in really well this morning!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Our was relaxing and mostly productive. Don’t forget to enter my cookbook giveaway here, it ends Thursday!


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