Weekend Recap

What an incredible weekend! T-ball, father’s day, official beginning of summer and family time. Our weekend was packed full of fun and I’m exhausted. I am pretty sure we all are. My boys ended the weekend by watching Star Wars Episode VI!

 We kicked off our weekend on Friday with some family game time. We played Uno Moo or Barnyard Uno as I call it, with Blake. We played multiple rounds until we taught him that the skunk skips the next player. He kept cheating and pulling the skunk back out of the barn and playing it over and over! Then he would pretend to spray you with the skunk! 🙂 I decided to pull out an old/new game to distract him from the skunk spraying and incorrect game playing. I pulled out a game we’ve had for a while but just never played. It is called Qwirkle. It says ages 6+ but i thought it might be simple enough for Blake by looking at the box. I was WRONG but Andrew and I really enjoyed it. We actually got so involved in our game that we didn’t stop when his mom go to our house to hang out. (Sorry Jamie!) When we finally finished out game we went to dinner at a place called The Tropical. It was so good it deserves its own post! (Be on the lookout for it soon!) After dinner while Jamie put Blake to bed Andrew and I played another round of Qwirkle! I’m telling you its fun.

 (Does your child love for their grandparents to put them to bed when they are staying over? Blake won’t even consider us putting him to bed if he has a grandparent around. I appreciate the break.)

Saturday morning I woke up and convinced myself to go for a run. It may have taken me about 30-45 minutes but I did go. I was actually able to run 3 miles which was huge for me since I’ve been in a running rut. Lately I have been feeling like I hit a wall when I get to 2 miles, I physically cannot run any further. I finally had a break through though! My body hurt everywhere but I made it! By the time I got cleaned up from my run my parents had made it to town. They came so we could celebrate fathers day with dad and to watch Blake play t-ball. This was his second game of the season but last weekend wasn’t a good weekend for anyone to come. It made it more exciting for Blake this weekend though because he had his Grandma, Meme and Papa there! All six (Grandma, Meme, Papa, Andrew, Blake and I) of us loaded up in our car to head to the game. I love watching Blake play ball! It is funny to watch them all tackle each other even when the coach says over and over again not to. Our game was at 11:30 and it was hot! The kids all did great though! Blake’s best friends mom (and my friend) caught this adorable picture of the two cuties before the game started! Thanks Stephanie for sharing!

 An 11:30 game that ends at 12:30 means lunch right after! We went to Savastano’s Pizza because one it is good and two Jamie had never been. We ordered two deep dish pizzas so it took a while to get our food but we had a great time visiting. When we finally left the restaurant we had tons of left overs and full bellies. On our drive home Andrew pulled into a neighborhood that had a few open houses and we all got out to look at them. The realtor team showing the houses were really great and put up with our wildness. Now that I think of it we should have taken a picture. Oh well, next time! When we finally got back home mom, dad, Andrew and I played Qwirkle and Blake told everyone what pieces the other players had and pretended to be our coach, whistle and all! He did take a few turns at the game, he’s learning some parts of it already. We played outside and had a few beers with dad, no Blake didn’t have any! We talked new hosue goals and plans while Blake swam in his little pool in the backyard. We finally convinced him to go in the house when dad went inside to get a drink. We told Blake that papa said it was time for air conditioning! The boys watched some golf while mom and I played Qwirkle. Before we knew it mom and dad needed to get on the road to head back home. Not before snapping a couple of pictures though! The day went by so fast.



Dad and I.


Dad, Blake and I.





That brings us to today. I woke up entirely too early to find Andrew already awake. I gave him a sleepy Happy Father’s Day/good morning greeting. We chatted about plans for the day then I jumped up to mow the front yard. Of course Blake was up and ready to watch tv, play a game or just do something, his words not mine! Then he said “mom is it happy fathers day now?” When I told him yes he jumped on Andrew in the bed and yelled with so much excitement “Happy Fathers Day Daddy I love you!” Seriously our boy has the best heart. I left my boys so I could get the yard mowed and a shower before it got to late. The yard was mowed all 3 of us showered and loaded up our neighbor Jan to go have coffee by 9:15! We often go to the Double Shot for coffee on Sunday mornings because it is Andrews favorite We don’t normally get there that early but I guess thats what happens when we wake up before 7 on a Sunday.

 Post coffee/breakfast Andrew, Blake and I went on our own parade of homes tour. (It was the last weekend for the parade of homes in Tulsa.) We probably looked at 10-12 houses today.

 We were shopping more for a builder than to buy an actual house. We found 2 houses that we loved before we took a dinner break. After our dinner and ice cream break we looked at a few more and found another one. I’d say the parade of homes was success for us. We were able to weed out a few builders and create a short list of potential builders. We went into every house with our focus on the quality of workmanship. It’s amazing how different house hunting is when you make that the focus. Not that flow, functionality and our checklist weren’t kept in mind because they were BUT quality workmanship was our mission! There was a point at one house that were actually talking ourselves out of making an offer on the spot! 🙂 The time isn’t quite right though. We need to add a few more ducks to our row before we make the commitment! Now, we are tired. We have given Cooper a few extra ear scratches and belly rubs because today is his 3rd birthday.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband. I couldn’t have found a better friend, role model, hero and daddy to raise children with. Blake and I are so thankful to have you. I love watching him become more and more like you everyday! We love you!

Also happy first official day of summer! Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses while you are out soaking up some vitamin D!


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